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"Made in China 2025" tipping off Chi-made agricultural equipment revolution
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In the capital markets, never short of listed companies keen sense of smell. A share in a number of agricultural equipment manufacturing enterprises already smell the taste of urgent upgrading, have around the "Made in China 2025" for the layout.
    China's manufacturing industry over the next decade of development programs and top-level design, this year's government work report, first proposed "Made in China 2025" by the recently finally unveiled. The program aims to accelerate the transition of power to create power, not only clear the nine strategic task, also stressed the 10 major areas to achieve a breakthrough development. As the material foundation of modern agriculture into the column in which agricultural equipment.
    Since the market generally believes that the "Made in China 2025" development plan positive Chinese manufacturing, so the planning before the introduction has sparked several rounds stir market funds. According to statistics, since March related stocks, the stars agricultural machinery rose as high as 242.42 percent, the new research shares rose 201.94 percent, up 106.04 percent JAC power, Yoshimine agricultural, Changchai A, dragging shares rose more than 20%.
    Chinese agricultural machinery manufacturing superpower into the low-end excess high dependence on imports is well known, China is a large agricultural country. "Three Rural Issues" and economic development and social stability are closely related. Central document has 12 consecutive Focus "farming", and on several occasions as a core theme of promoting agricultural modernization. Since agricultural equipment plays a role in other advanced technology to promote the application of the support on agriculture, it is important to become a part of modern agriculture mechanization industry. Five-Year Plan has made clear "to accelerate agricultural mechanization, to promote agricultural agronomic integration, integrated mechanization level reached about 60% of farm income" goal.
    Admittedly, at the top and vigorously promote the process of agricultural modernization, agricultural equipment industry to achieve leapfrog development, particularly agricultural subsidies introduced under the impetus of China's agricultural machinery industry ushered in the golden years in 2004. Data from the China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, in 2004 the total value of China's agricultural machinery industry production of less than 80 billion yuan, in 2012 the first time exceeded 300 billion, get on the "world's first agricultural machinery manufacturing country," the throne, in 2014 this data climbed to 395.228 billion yuan, an increase of 8.55%, and this year is expected to exceed 450 billion yuan.
    However, in contradiction behind the agricultural equipment market is rapidly expanding, industry bodies accumulated appear unreasonable. Statistics show that at present China's agricultural product structure is relatively simple, covering only small and medium-horsepower tractors, combine harvesters and other low-end of the traditional large-scale machinery, these products after years of development of the market has become saturated, serious excess capacity, although many companies to look eye on the overseas market, but because of the low value-added products in the international market share is not always high. Meanwhile, some high-tech, help to improve productivity agricultural equipment and core components of high-end long-term dependency on imports. "Lack of core technology, product homogeneity has become the greatest challenge to the agricultural equipment industry." China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, honorary president of the high dollar grace says.
    "Made in 2025 China" policy envelopes for agricultural equipment sent in low excess capacity and high-end products in short supply agricultural equipment industry coexist become the "new normal" when, "Made in China 2025" to the. Since last June, an official 30 day laborers, said the Ministry of Planning Division is preparing a high-level "China 2025", to be written in March this year the government work report, to May 19 the official arrival, before and after less than a year time, full of China's manufacturing industry "from big strong" urgent needs.
    "Made in China 2025" manufacturing power to achieve strategic objectives around, a clear increase in manufacturing innovation, promote information technology and industrialization, the depth of integration, improve the level of development and other 9 major strategic goals, choose 10 key areas of agricultural equipment and other breakthrough particularly rosy.
    Farm machinery and equipment for the next 10 years of development, "Made in China 2025" that focuses on the development of grain, cotton, oil, sugar and other staple food crops of strategic education, farming, planting, management, collection, transportation, storage, and other major production process use of advanced agricultural equipment, accelerate the development of large tractors and double work tools, large-scale and efficient combine harvesters and other agricultural equipment and key high-end core components. Farm machinery and equipment to improve information collection, intelligent decision-making and precision work capacity, promote agricultural production form for the information of the overall solution.
    Ping An Securities research report said, "Made in China 2025" will drive manufacturers to accelerate the shift to China Chinese wisdom made the next 20 years will bring GDP growth is expected to more than $ 3 trillion, becoming the global manufacturing industry through development of another investment theme Agricultural equipment will fully benefit. Founder Securities believes that the introduction of the document on the agricultural equipment industry formed a major positive. Driven by the plan, independent innovation ability of agricultural equipment is expected to further enhance the intelligence of farm machinery to accelerate the process, which not only greatly improve the efficiency of agricultural production, but also enhance the core competitiveness of related businesses, thus thickening of the company's performance.
     By the "Made in China 2025" landing impact of good news yesterday, A-share market agricultural stocks shine, by the close, up 6.29% in the New Territories Pump, Changchai A rose 6.10 percent, Stars agriculture rose over 5% a Drag shares, the new research shares and other stocks have also rosy.
    Listed Companies smell "odor money" has long been around the "Made in China 2025" layout in the capital markets, never short of listed companies keen sense of smell. A share in a number of agricultural equipment manufacturing enterprises already smell the taste of urgent upgrading, have around the "Made in China 2025" for the layout.
    In recent years, a leading farm machinery dragged shares increased innovation efforts. In the introduction of foreign advanced technology, based on the active participation of high-end research and development to the tractor. The company produced high-powered wheeled tractor DFH only effective alternative to imported products, but also exported to dozens of countries in Europe and South America. Last November, dragged shares in the field of intelligent equipment continued to force, signed a cooperation agreement with GSK, involved in the field of robotics. At the same time, a drag shares, said the future will be intelligent automation of agricultural machinery and machinery for the general direction of China net FINANCE noted that the strategy of "Made in China 2025" development path coincide, the industry said, dragging shares inevitable a "Made in China 2025" plan the most direct beneficiaries.
    Equipment manufacturing industry leader, Zoomlion in December 2013 and signed a construction Bishan County Agricultural Machinery Industrial Park project agreement, the first step in the field of distribution of agricultural machinery. 2014, Zoomlion spend 2.088 billion acquisition of Chery Heavy Industry 1,800,000,000 shares. Chinese net FINANCE noted, Chery Heavy Industry is the agricultural equipment industry leader, the company produced rice harvesters and other high-end products in the domestic market share of over 20%, corn harvester, unmanned tractor is in the international powerful on the market. Galaxy Securities, said the high-end equipment as a forerunner of agriculture, Zoomlion will fully benefit from the "Made in China 2025" in advance, whether the company's performance or share price performance, are expected to be on a new level.
     In addition, the new research shares also focus on high-end areas of farming machinery, research and development of grain combine harvesters and other high-performance models of products; the manufacture and sale of diesel-based industry JAC power, and actively grasp the "Made in China 2025" plan "Information technology and industrialization, the depth of integration" strategic opportunities, is in transition to comprehensive agricultural service providers. In order to better reflect the company's development strategy, the company will be renamed "smart agriculture"; Jifeng machine can also keep up with the "Internet +" trend, farm machinery purchase subsidy, funds advance, agricultural information using the cross-docking operations, agricultural hand training, maintenance and other operations quickly in the military is expected to start online.
    Orient Securities research report released on Tuesday evening, said: "China 2025" Master Plan Floor, policy Heater Intelligent Manufacturing has just begun. Intelligent Manufacturing will be expected to follow around a more specific and more substantial plan introduced, local governments supporting the plan will follow the relevant benefit shares A-share market is expected to continue hot.
    Agricultural equipment stocks, the Galaxy Securities, said the most promising four stocks, namely corn harvester leader, military transformation of the new research shares; march agricultural information, "wisdom agriculture" JAC power. Chery Heavy march through the acquisition of farm machinery industry leading construction machinery Zoomlion; there is a large shareholder of efforts to develop intelligent precision agriculture, smart irrigation technology Brilliant.

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