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Survey and Analysis of Current Situation of tricycle industry 2015 - 2014
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A few years ago, we rarely see electric tricycle stores, basically belong to the sale of electric bicycles passing tricycle, but the current situation has not, as part of the three-wheeled electric car brand has been building since the brand stores in certain regions, industries The channel pattern may be raised, expected franchise stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets and other sales model will become increasingly common in the next few years, the electric tricycle will also usher in a new situation.

Increasingly prominent brand pattern

According tricycle industry analysis and research report analyzes the current situation, the electric tricycle Replaces human tricycle and motorized tricycles, but the source of most of the market or the previous tricycle. Therefore, the electric tricycle industry started relatively late, but in recent years due to the development of the industry growth rate, the number of enterprises rapid growth, more competitive. Large enterprises have participated in the show, its brand and products to promote their marketing.

More and more companies enter the electric tricycle market, accelerate the rapid reshuffle of the industry, although the concept of today's consumer brand electric tricycle is not as two-wheelers, but the next few years, as consumers of electric tricycle brand awareness gradually, three electric car brand pattern will become more apparent.

Plate pattern further focus

Electric tricycle industry in the degree of development of each region vary, but generally speaking, has been formed in Xuzhou, Changzhou, Tianjin and Henan four main sections, four plates laid the basic pattern of the current Chinese electric tricycle industry, occupies the entire most of the industry's market share.

Electric tricycle models is relatively small, high logistics costs, unstable section of the focus on product models, quality, price optimization helpful, electric tricycle now widely quality, lack of standards, local management policy is still in the vacuum. Exactly which blocks the development of a better future, depending on local government policies.

Uncertain prospects for industrial development

Trend in the development of products, mostly in the face of the rural market, taking into account the complexity of the traffic situation in rural areas, the electric tricycle necessarily requires rugged, good climbing performance, strong carrying capacity, and is suitable for riding in a variety of terrain ; secondly, the electric tricycle carrying freight and passenger functions in the truck too demanding; again, the electric tricycle generally require travel distance away, so the tricycle to continue the mileage required meet certain requirements.

In terms of price, as the industry has experienced a price war in the baptism, the brand pattern gradually clear, the business will be transferred to the product development focus up, focus on improving product quality, product will embark on high-quality, high-priced road.

In service, the current electric tricycle in the service industry into fewer companies to consider is how to produce more and sell more products, not the after-sales service as a key factor in development. Future, electric tricycle service will change with the major changes to the business model, professional and efficient after-sales service to become the industry's needs, but also necessary for the development of enterprises soft power.

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