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Analysis of a small amount of gear to trim
Addtime:2015.06.09 Source:ring co., LTD viewed:
For high-speed herringbone gear, usually large gear tooth, the tooth to without trimming pinion addendum tip relief in favor of smooth movement, both ends of the herringbone gear teeth should be necessary to trim the teeth, which can trim the amount determined by the deformation calculation.
Pinion torque side of the dressing should be greater than the non-torque side, the teeth to repair partial load can be eliminated to improve the accuracy of the contact. Processing pinion is relatively simple, not repeat them here, as long as special attention to precision grinding and dressing balancing accuracy.
Due to the large gear is welding gear, glass printer for high-speed gear, how to ensure accuracy, no deformation is very important.
Process welding gear is more complex, the specific process is as follows: a ring gear (35CrMo), a hub (35 #), vacuum degassing refining steel forging, roughing made after ultrasonic flaw detection (defect equivalent <a2mm) quenching, semi-refined car, and then welding (in the insulating state 200-320e segment, symmetrical welding, turning it over several times, repeatedly insulation, eliminate stress, to prevent cracking), semi-finishing, and axis thermal equipment, fine car, type B remain sharpening hobbing, grinding, balancing.
Before installation, should be done to roll engaging experiments. Seven water ferrous sulfate of roll on roll meshing engagement in special shelves were mainly checking gear pair contact zone situation.
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