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The uneven intermediate gear solutions
Addtime:2015.06.09 Source:ring co., LTD viewed:
Diesel intermediate gear to withstand greater force imbalance at work, the role of the force will have to move out of the trend. At the same time, due to the alternating load and shock and vibration effects, it is easy to cause fracture of center bearing bracket and planted wire loss or impairment, broken bearing cage, roller shedding. Through the bracket damage situation observed fracture from near-mediated round starts, and gradually to the direction of the unbalanced force, causing the stent fracture. This shows that the uneven intermediate gear is the main cause of its corruption.
When the plant capacity of Hebei aeration head off the wire could easily lead to the body of the buckle or screw thread line and expand. Severe cases may cause the gear off, broken body. After this failure, repair is difficult, household ladder to repair a long time, especially for small minor segment especially. For the cause of the failure, you can take the following measures to improve the intermediate gear.
Yarn used to increase the planting methods to improve the strength of the fastening bolts. The original intermediate gear change M18 or M16 bolt M20 bolts to increase the strength of the fastening bolts, so one can avoid the loss caused by the failure cut wire, while reducing additional vibrations due to insufficient strength, improvement of the gears and bearings life.
In the transmission gear system, adding a balanced mediator wheel, the intermediate gear symmetrical force, improve its force status, eliminate the imbalance force to resolve the problem of the uneven intermediate gear fundamentally, the structure and DF4 locomotive The intermediate gear similar to the diesel engine. Mediated through the installation of the balance wheel, the intermediate gear stress condition has been improved, improving the reliability of the work.
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