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Agricultural tricycle clutch fault analysis
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A clutch slip
1. Symptom tricycle power is obviously insufficient, low block off hard, heavy unable to start, while the engine is still running stable.
2. Cause Troubles (1) friction surface oil slick caused by skidding. It should open the clutch friction plates clean with gasoline and driven disc. (2) the pressure spring force becomes small or broken, resulting in a positive pressure decreases, less friction. Replace the spring. (3) The excessive wear of the friction plate or rivets are exposed, so that the friction is reduced. Friction plates should be replaced or re-riveting good. (4) driven plate, friction disc burning or deformation. Should be corrected or replaced with new parts. (5) clutch adjustment gap is too small or inconsistent, causing no pedal free travel. The gap should be adjusted to within a predetermined range, and three separate levers in the same plane.
Second, the clutch is not complete
1. Symptom clutch pedal in the end, clutch active power between the driven disc still can not be completely cut off, resulting in Guadang difficult to fight tooth or can not stop, the clutch fever.
2. Cause Troubles (1) three separate clearance claw clutch release bearing is too large. Shall be adjusted to within the range of 0.3-0.5 mm. (2) the clutch pedal free travel is too large. Shall be adjusted to within 20-40 mm. (3) the clutch plate warpage serious or corrosion. Should be corrected or replaced with new parts or remove rust. (4) the clutch shaft splines chain wear serious, leading driven disc can not be moved. Should be trimmed or replaced with new parts. (5) three separate lever is not easy in the same plane of rotation, causing the spring force to clear mixed. Should be required to re-adjust. (6) friction plate rupture. Replace the film. Clutch bearing damage, resulting in the separation clutch clutch axial movement. Should be replaced with new bearings.
Third, the clutch fibrillation
1, symptoms start when the vehicle bouncing, especially idling, hanging low gear gradually relax the clutch pedal at the start, the car appears continuity impact.
2. Cause Troubles (1) three separate head end face of the lever is not in the same plane. It should be properly adjusted clutch. (2) pressure plate each spring will not be the same or individual spring break. Check springs, replace if necessary. (3) friction plate domed deformation. It should be corrected, repaired or replaced.
Fourth, the clutch abnormal sound
1. Symptom When the clutch pedal a little, the separation of the bearing face and the release lever just a touch, the clutch is issued "Crash, Crash, Crash," the continuous sound; engaging or traveling sound generated when separating the start and accompanied trembling.
2. Cause Troubles (1) the lack of separation of bearing with or damaged. Bearings should be filled with oil, replace invalid. (2) driven plate or pressure plate rupture. Should decompose clutch, replace the damaged parts.

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