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Motorcycle clutch principle, use, maintenance
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In principle, the clutch is a device located between the engine and transmission, its main role is to pass or cut off the power of the engine. The purpose is to allow the vehicle to transfer the power forward; cut off the power of purpose is usually to facilitate the shift, because if you do not cut off the power, the gearbox drive gear and driven gear is difficult to synchronize, they will not shift (some skilled persons It can be used to control vehicle speed and engine speed to achieve the basic synchronization between the two, but generally not easy).
In addition to the primary role of the clutch, and a less prominent role, that is, when the vehicle suddenly have greater impact, it can produce a slip between the active and passive friction plates friction plates, to a certain extent, ease the force of the engine impact, so the engine can produce a protective effect.
When using the clutch problems most in need of attention, it is not to be a long time in a separated state. Why should this be? We first look at the structure of the clutch. The main components of the friction clutch inner sheet, which is divided into active and passive friction plates friction plates. Active friction plate and the engine crankshaft via a gear integral; passive friction plates also by the driving wheel gear and transmission of the piece. Usually multi-plate clutch has friction plates and multi-piece active passive friction plates, two concentric circles, spacing placement (one active, one passive, then an initiative, then one passive) together. Clutch has three operating states: The first is a combination of state, namely the active and passive friction plates friction plates bonded by the spring and the pressure plate together, then the power from the engine is transmitted to the gearbox; second state separation state, that is when we Woxia clutch lever, the original pressure exerted on the active and passive friction plate is released, the active and passive friction plates friction plates separated by a combination of state to the state, the active friction plates with the engine revolution, passive friction plates with gearbox The drive shaft rotation, power transmission is cut off; the third state is a semi-engaged state, in this state, the active and passive friction plates friction plates are neither fully integrated nor complete separation of power transmission in a half-off semi-continuously status.

The three states, the so-called separation of state is only a theoretical description, in fact, due to the gap between the active and passive friction plate friction between the plates is small, even in the complete separation of the state, between the two is next to you I, I next to you, will have some friction. If a long time in this state, it is easy because friction causes the temperature, severe burn up clutch. This is not a long time to let the clutch in the disengaged state of the main reasons.

In normal use and maintenance, you will often experience both problems: the first is clutch is not complete. The problems caused by this situation is not normal shift. The reasons for this, mostly because of improper clutch line adjustment will generally be able to exclude some of its tightening. The second is the clutch engagement is not complete. The main problem that occurs is that we bring the affected engine power transmission, the car ran up, which is what we usually call "turn lost children." The main reason for this situation is usually two things: First, the clutch cable too tight, resulting in active and passive friction pad can not be completely binding; the second is badly worn friction discs. Solution First, adjust the clutch line, the second is to replace the friction discs.
In summary, the clutch in use there are two issues that need attention: First, do not let the long state of separation; second clutch cable to an appropriate degree.
 Half-engaged clutch state, generally occur in stages from the car, in order to ensure a smooth start, we usually have relatively slowly release the clutch, when the clutch will be in a semi-engaged state. Semi-connected state of the clutch wear is the largest, it is much more than the isolated state of wear more serious. Know the significance of this is that, apart from the start and to smooth the vehicle must let the clutch in a semi-engaged state, the other should be avoided when allowed in this state.
 Clutch maintenance
Motorcycle clutch cooling medium can be divided by two, one is with oil cooling, called wet clutch friction plate to cool oil does not play a protective role, leaving the soft and smooth power transmission, the advantage of long life, generally will not fail, unless violations of rules, often the clutch in a half-clutch state job. Another use air to cool the clutch, called dry clutch. In use, the requirements of the clutch can be lightweight and comfortable, the work force engaged and disengaged in a shorter half-clutch state, the clutch should not be overheating.
A clutch inspection
• Check gap: with the middle finger and index finger and gently hold the rotating clutch handle, check and adjust the gap. The grip end of the stroke should be 15mm-20mm, the base is about 3mm. Clutch gap different models of different specification requirements should be adjusted. Experience has shown that the grip end of the minimum due 1mm trip. If the clutch gap is too large, the separation is not complete, but the gap is too small, will cause clutch slippage.
• Check clutch grip with force: the examination with clearance check as important as heavy grip operation will affect the operations, and even cause accidents. Pull the handle heavy multi-line because there is a lack of grease or damage caused. The former is more common, check the help of tools. Pull the clutch handle with spring scale, its tension is 50n-60n is normal, if more than 68.8n, heavy grip identifiable reasons should be identified and excluded.
Check the clutch is slipping: change gear by foot pedals, while the engine speed is slightly higher, then the rear foot brake, then slowly release the clutch handle, if the engine stalled, indicating that the clutch is not slipping, the technical condition is normal; If the engine speed decreases, but does not turn off, or in motion fierce fuel door and vehicle speed but do not increase, suggesting that the clutch slip, should overhaul.
Check the clutch is complete: The ladder support from the car, put the clutch twist grip gear shift test. If gear crash grip tightened, and the shift, indicating the clutch is not complete.
Check the clutch handle to pull the transmission is normal: if found to occur cracking plastic wrap, plastic tape wrapped tightly available to prevent flooding. Pull injury and motorcycle technologies related to the situation itself, it should improve motorcycle vehicle maintenance.
Second, the clutch adjustment
Adjust the clutch handle stroke: If the clutch end of the trip does not meet the requirements, you can loosen the grip locknut roots, about turning the adjusting nut so that the grip end of the stroke of 15mm-20mm. If you change the cable, it should pay attention to a variety of models
Different Trends cable, and installed, respectively handlebar shall fight to the extreme left and right to adjust the free travel of the grip.
· Clutch gap adjustment: General twist grip adjustment nut on it, if at the same time check the cable adjustment would be better. If the adjustment of the clutch handle, the gap is still below standard should remove the cable, be adjusted by the cap nut, if the cable sheath cracking, bending deformation, should be replaced with a new cable.
· Clutch slip overhaul: clutch slipping, mainly due to lack of space caused by the clutch handle. Right handle the gap is too small or no gap, the clutch is always in the half-clutch state, the result will inevitably cause clutch slippage. It can handle counterclockwise to loosen the roots of the locknut, then adjusting nut screwed around, until the gap between the appropriate date. If the adjustment is still up after less than standard clearance values ​​grip nut, it should be fixed to the cable adjusting nut bracket upward to mention. After the adjustment, start the engine, check the shift is smooth, neat, with or without slipping or abnormal sound. If the problem should be further examination to find out the reason, be excluded.

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